PME Cake Leveller 12"
PME Cake Leveller 12"
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PME Cake Leveller 12"

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Level or split your cake perfectly with the PME 12 Inch Cake Leveller.

Level and torte your cakes with ease using the PME 12” Cake Leveller. This is a must have tool for every cake decorator that will speed up your cake levelling process leaving you more time to spend on the finer details of your cakes.

This cake leveller is easy to adjust with clearly defined height markers to slice perfectly straight every time. This leveller is ideal for cakes up to 12 inches wide and has a new serrated cutting wire that precisely levels and divides cakes into even layers.

The wavy wire reduces the amount of crumbs produced when slicing through a cake, giving you a professional finish every time!

How To Use:
1. Measure your cake and slide the cutting wire into the corresponding notches at the point you wish to cut your cake.
2. Place the feet of the cutter firmly on the the work surface and move the leveller back and forth through the cake until it is fully cut.

Dimensions: 30 x 18.5 cm (12 x 7.2 in)
Length of wire: 27 cm (10.5").