Chocolate Colouring

Made from coloured cocoa butter, this range of fabulous chocolate colourings is specially designed to add vibrancy to chocolate. Cocol colours are versatile and easy to use, making it simple to create handmade chocolates with a difference. Simply heat them gently in a microwave to melt the colours, then brush the Cocol over a chocolate mould or onto an acetate Sheet to create colourful designs that will transform your chocolate work.

The range of bright Cocol colours includes pink, orange, blue, yellow, green, red and purple. These work particularly well with white chocolate, producing a vibrant and eye-catching burst of colour. Simply mix the colours into tempered white chocolate for an easy way to add a dramatic touch.

The metallic Cocol colours include silver, gold and copper. These give a dramatic effect when brushed or spattered onto milk or dark chocolate only. Squires Kitchen’s Cocol colours are also suitable for use with an airbrush and can be flicked over chocolates for a contemporary spatter effect.

Creative chocolatiers will appreciate that Cocol can be used to create so many different decorative effects. Try painting messages directly onto chocolate work with a fine paintbrush and Cocol colourings, or add colour to white chocolate ganache for a fun cake filling.